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A/W 19 Collection




The concept [1/3]:

My graduate collection is entitled ‘Those who don’t hear… must feel’. It aims to explore the up rise and rebellion of black British people in UK society against the rigid stereotypes that have been put in place throughout history.

It also works to outline the corruption and intuitional racism of police and the media within the UK. This theme has been influenced through looking at the occurrence of the Broadwater Farm riots and many other racially motivated events across British history.

The print / The process [2/3]:

The issue of subconscious stereotypes and how are they portrayed in the media are reflected in the clothing using explicit social activist typography and facial coverings; as well as layering through multi panelled garments and pocketing to create tactical clothing.

This project aims to create an awareness of the unfortunate events that are happening today, particularly the knife crime epidemic occurring within the United Kingdom- with over 40,000 incidences across the nation just last year alone. My collection aims to provoke thought around these difficult subjects through typography based prints and design.

The result [3/3]:

The collection is designed to appeal to mainly men but also women who aim to make a statement through what they wear. Individuals who are culturally aware of the worlds happening and work to create some sort of difference in their own right. They hear the world, but listen to their inner drive. 

This is a collection that aims to create an awareness and portray a message of power to the viewer.